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Management Services

Management and operational procedures

Our company analyzes and accepts different kinds of operational procedures. The owners’ requirements and the qualities of the departments create a new formula for each case.

Once a professional relation is established, in acceptance of all the services that Consulting Clovartiz S.L. put at the owner’s disposal, the operational terms will be legally defined.

Some of the procedures could be:

1st Option:
Payment of a fixed lease.

2nd Option:
Payment of a percentage of the 1st year Spa production and a fixed lease for the rest of the agreement.

3rd Option:
Payment of a fixed percentage of the gross production of the department.

4th Option:
Payment of a basic fixed lease and a percentage of all the service production.

Once any of these Management agreements is signed by both parties, Consulting Clovartiz commits itself to give a completely free Consulting Service of any need depending on the state of the project.
We help you either to initiate and develop a new Spa project or to update an existing Spa and maximise its profitability

We help you to analyse your needs
Consulting Spa takes charge of your Spa.

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