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Consulting Services

Full support in a new project 
Full opening of the centre

Full support in a new project

Our company provides expert advice in every aspect involved when it comes to create the right Spa philosophy and concept for an optimal running of the facilities in operating and productive terms, going from the building of a department to the full opening and the ongoing service to the Spa clients.

Spa Concept / Plan Reading / Design and Decoration

Although our design is based on an innovative, modern and minimalist approach, Consulting Spa personalizes both decoration and design to suit the needs of each singular project. The minimum area required for a coherent and complete location of the facilities to create harmony, balance and wellbeing, must be between 250 and 400 square metres.

Our expert team offers consulting service for the facilities building and establishment to perform a full relaxation concept inside the centre.

Towels, bathrobes and slippers design as well as leaflets, brochures and merchandising material need a professional designer assessment, and our staff includes fully qualified professionals in this area.

Financial management

Feasibility project.
Investment plan.
Setting-up costs.
Installment plan.
Legal aspects.
Opening licenses and permits procedures.
Management software.
Energy saving and water supply control.
Inventory control

Marketing and Advertising

Facilities development and Market Research Services Market Analysis.
Competitors Analysis.
Appropriate location of the facilities.
Potential Clients Analysis.
Corporate Image.
Press, Radio and all types of advertising, etc.
Printed Communication Matter.
Leaflets and brochures.

Staff: Selection, Recruitment and training

The key to our success lies in the right selection of the staff, based on a thorough and careful study of every single CV on our personnel database.

Weekly and monthly meetings, regular training courses, remunerative incentives and human experience incentives create a solid and balanced team.

Consulting Spa is also supported by a consultancy agency which deals with legal, tax and labor matters. www.martinezasociados.com

Personnel budget.

Contracts of employment and Personnel paperwork procedures.

Theoretical and practical training on each technique of the treatments offered in our menu, and our training team also performs a theoretical screening system to maximise the quality of the treatments.

All our therapists are fully qualified to ensure our clients’ safety and satisfaction.

Job Description

Each member of the staff is given a brief and clear description of the post where all the obligations and responsibilities are stated depending on the corresponding department:

Operations Manager
Spa Attendant
Massage Therapist
Chief Therapist
Chief Receptionist
Cleaning Staff
Technical Service Staff


Our staff wears appropriate uniforms, which are designed and exclusively selected according to the department style and decoration. 

A varied selection of uniforms is made for each department and area of the Spa.

Protocols y standars of service

Each and every service delivered in the Spa follows a certain protocol and a standard of service within, so our brand is recognized in all our Spa centres as a UNIQUE BRAND, SPA) in.
Front desk, reception.
Guided-tour and Directions for using the Spa.
Treatments description and explanation.
Treatments performance.
Location in accordance to the Setting of the Place, etc.

Health and safety

In compliance with the law according to the Spanish Royal Decree 865/2003 related to legionnaires disease control and prevention. 
In compliance with all the procedures implemented by PREVIS (Sociedad de Prevención de Mutua Balear Previs, S.L.) to guarantee the safety of the staff.
Public Liability Insurance.
Fumigation Procedures.
Consulting Spa makes sure that the company supplying these services complies with all the needed requirements for the maximum and essential safety of our clients.

Quality Control

Implementation of:
Fortnightly surveys for the clients.
Surveys review and recommendations analysis.
Monthly Mystery-Shopper Visit.
Database designed to ensure a distinguished and careful service.


A wide range of holistic treatments and alternative therapies are offered in our centres:
Deep relaxation treatments (Ayurveda).
Balance treatments.
Beauty and Body regenerative treatments.
Body Wraps.
Facial and Body Beauty treatments.
General Beauty treatments (waxing, manicures, etc.).
Technology supported treatments for face and body rejuvenation, as well as anti-cellulite and firming high-tech treatments.

Latest technology applied to body and facial treatment

All high-tech treatments performed in our centres use the appropriate electrical current for cosmetic purposes, and are delivered by qualified staff specifically trained for each device used in the treatments. 

Some of these treatments are:
Jet Shower and Vichy Shower.
Press therapy and Microdermabrasion.
Ultrasound and High Frequency.
Radiofrequency and Laser.
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

Cosmetics, professional use and reatil

Professional Cosmetics are used in all our centres for both treatments and retail. A careful selection and the best cosmetics suppliers in order to offer high quality and safety in all signature treatments. Predetermined protocols are also followed in each treatment to ensure the quality of the products in use and maximise its profitability.

Spa Menu – Healthy Meals

A wide variety of healthy meals, with calories information on each, is provided. Nutritionists’ services are hired to give advice to those clients interested. Implementation of healthy meals and Spa menu areas in the Hotel buffets where our services are operated.

Full Opening of the centre

We help you either to initiate and develop a new Spa project or to update an existing Spa and maximise its profitability

We help you to analyse your needs
Consulting Spa takes charge of your Spa.

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SPA IN COSMETICS are formulated with a high content of Aloe Vera, the natural Wonder of the Spain, and made in Gran Canaria, using Aloe Vera from Fuerteventura.